Helping brands engage using personal imagery.

Personal brand photography for businesses, brands & artists
Those cell phone photos of your hard work ... the selfies. Well, they're just ... average. 
Connecting is personal.
We all have a story to tell, and when we are in business, engaging and connecting is essential. If you don't have an image, you don't have a complete story.

Today, it's so easy to find and engage with your audience through social media.

You have to be consistent, but also authentic.

Today's consumers are smart. You can see your engagement jump when share a personal story versus a stock image that isn't yours.

I know it's uncomfortable and even scary, but you need to get in front of the camera. 
Being authentic in today's flood of posts is essential.
Your audience wants to know you're REAL. Who you are. What your life is like.

Being authentic in today's flood of posts is essential. People prefer to buy from brands they connect with. 

You can't keep sharing outdated images, or stock photos.

You need a constant re-fresh of images you can pull from everyday.

Plus, you have more important things to do than feel like you have to create photo shoots and curate your own photos every day. 

You have more important things to do... 
Let me be your personal photographer.

I specialize in helping businesses, brands & artists connect with their ideal clients. Together, we can push past the old school head shot & product photos so we can dive deeper into who you really are.

I want to learn about you, who your clients are & why they love you. Together we will authentically tell your story using styled photo shoots & personal imagery that you can use to elevate your brands' connection to your ideal client.

You need someone who makes the effort to understand your brand AND is committed to producing authentic and consistent quality images.

My goal is to build long lasting relationships where we refresh your images throughout the year. 

I want to build long lasting relationships.

I want to be the person who knows your brand inside and out. But to do that I can only take on a very small number of clients.

Once the all the spots are full, they are GONE. It's the only way for me to give each client my full attention.

But the up side is ... if you snag a spot, it's yours ... for as long as you want. 
I am Audrey!
I love for telling other's stories through photography. I am fortunate to make this my livelihood & passion.
If you are a brand or business who fits any of the following:

  • A health centered brand
  • Produces a handmade product
  • In the craft beer or food industry
  • A couple and/or family centered brand
  • Genuinely loves connecting with your audience

Then I would love to be your personal brand photographer!

Yearly subscription commitments start at $455/month+deposit.
One time sessions start at $2,000.
Product Photography also available.

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Sarah Williams Ceramics
"You completely got exactly what I was looking for!
Beautiful shots and it feels so authentic!
I could not be happier!"

– Brittany Wilson of Wise Bird Woodworks
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Be remarkable. Be grateful.